1. Q: How long can I start seeing results of RF treatment?


A: Under normal circumstances within that day or a week. Skin collagen tissue is heated and produces contractions, and you can obviously feel skin tightening. Because RF works by stimulating subcutaneous tissue and bring about sustainable collagen regeneration, so the more you do it, the more visible effects you shall receive.


2. Q: Is RF harmful to skin?


A: RF treatment falls under the category of non-surgery operation. It stimulates collagen regeneration at the skin bottom and boosts metabolism, therefore has no damage to the skin. Partial redness and fever is the normal phenomenon of accelerated blood circulation, and will be resolved by oneself after a moment, so there’s no need to worry.


3. Q: How long does the body firming treatment take?


A: One operation time is 60 minutes. We will combine professional techniques and instruments to achieve remarkable results.


4.Q: What are all the functions of this instrument?


A: Dissolve fat, body shaping, smooth skin, firming, lifting, and anti-aging. It can be operated all over the body. In terms of facial care, it can contour facial outline, alleviate wrinkles and saggy skin. In terms of body care, it can reduce regional fatness and build S curve, promote the metabolism and detoxification of the whole body. Meanwhile, it can also enhance the functions of viscera and regulate the sub-health of the body.


5.Q:Which one is better in terms of weight loss, liposuction or this machine?


A: The principle of liposuction is to suck out the excess fat in one part of the body through the method of negative pressure suction, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss on parts of the body. It achieves fast results, requires anesthesia, recovery period. It falls under the category of surgery operation and comes with risks. However, our machine is risk-free and has no side effects. While losing weight, it can stimulate collagen regeneration to lift and tighten skin. By lifting, it can also shape perfect curves and accentuate women's natural charm.


6.Q: Will I experience rebound after operation?


A: RF works by dissolving fat to reduce weight, and are not prone to rebound. Because what’s dissolved through RF treatment is fat, not water. The formation of fat needs a longer period of time to accumulate, so it is not prone to rebound.


7.Q: Do I need to be on a diet?


A: Pay attention to what you eat. Because radio frequency and ultrasonic treatment end with blasting adipose and accelerated metabolism. It’s best to avoid to eating spicy, oily, or fried food, to avoid affecting regular metabolism. Also proper workout and sweating help with the process, in a way weight loss will be more visible as well.


8.Q: Does it have any side effects on the body?


A: RF beauty treatment is non-invasive and so far the most safe and effective method to remove wrinkles and shape body. Generally speaking side effects won't appear. A small number of people may experience transient redness or swelling that will disappear after a few hours. Those with dry skin may experience atrophy after the initial treatment. The skin will lose moisture due to RF heat. However, the skin will become plump at the beginning of collagen regeneration and these symptoms will disappear after three days. There are no side effects on health.


9.Q: Can RF instrument be used for breast shaping?


A: As the growth of age and female physiology period, sub-health state, gravity, stimulation during lactation, a large number of nutrition loss... All the above will cause collagen loss, decreased blood flow, damaged elastic tissue, flabby ligament gland, and prolapsed breasts. Through RF energy conduction, collagen protease can be promoted to repair elastic tissue and ligament glands, thus achieving the effect of chest lifting and shaping.


10. Q: Can ultrasound be operated all over the body?


A: Ultrasonic cavitation ruptures fat cells and causes mechanical disruption of fat cell membrane. Liquefied fat cells then cleared away by metabolic pathways. Our heart is a hollow organ, and sensitive to high frequency sound waves. Back and forth reflex occur due to the fact that muscle tissue and blood in the heart do not conduct sound waves in the same way. The reflex force can detach cardiac valves from cardiac muscles. If directed at the eye, it can cause retinal detachment. In a word, avoid eye and heart area when using ultrasonic beauty device. (It is also advised not to use it on waist, back and chest.)


11.Q: Does ultrasound have side effects on human body?


A: Ultrasonic beauty machine requires no surgery, no opening up and no anesthesia, therefore is indeed non-invasive. It relies on ultrasound (mechanical sound wave) - blast fat through cavitation - ultrasound focusing. And the results are fat smash - fat dissolving - skin firming and body sculpting respectively. It only targets at low density fat cells while leaving high density tissues like blood vessels intact, therefore having no side effects on human body. Slight tinnitus might appear to happen during the treatment, which is within normal range so there’s no need to worry.


12.Q: Why does tinnitus occur?


A: It’s because ultrasound comes with a high frequency vibration, which could go up to 20kHz. It also goes deep into skin fat layers, which could go down to 20mm below epidermis. Highly intensifies ultrasound cause high speed friction among fat cells, resulting in them bursting and heating up, and eventually emulsified. And during the process, ultrasound can cause micro vibration to the tissue that make us feel like as “tinnitus”.


13.Q: What is collagen?


A: Collagen is a kind of biological macromolecule substance, a kind of white, opaque and non-branched fibrous protein. It can supplement the nutrition needed by all layers of the skin, enhance the collagen activity in the skin, lock moisture, nourish the skin, delay aging, beautify, relieve facial relaxation, provide nutrients for the hair and so on. Collagen is a nutrient that human body must replenish to delay aging. With the growth of age, collagen will gradually be lost. At the age of 20 , women have begun to age, collagen gradually decrease. At the age of 25, collagen loss reaches its peak. At the age of 40 , the content is less than half of which one has at age 18. It is the loss of collagen and water that causes the wrinkles on the face of the elderly. The breakage of collagen fibers and elastic mesh will cause skin tissue to be oxidized, atrophied and collapsed. The skin will be dry, wrinkled, flabby and inelastic etc. Therefore, in order to delay aging, collagen must be supplemented.


14. Q: Why do I need breast maintenance?


A: The lymph nodes of bosom rank the top among other parts of the body, which also lead to toxin accumulation very easily , and urbanite life rhythm is very fast now, working pressure is very big, which can bring about the hyperplasia of different level. The saying goes that bosom is the cradle of children, the garden of the woman, the symbol of female identity! Breast maintenance can make your figure more beautiful, add scores for your whole temperament, thus turn head rate increases 10 times certainly! Good figure and temperament will also ensure husband’s loyalty! The evolution of breast cancer: breast milk residual , secretions, toxins -- nodules and blockages -- lobular hyperplasia, ductal hyperplasia, breast hyperplasia -- duct blockage and adhesion -- fibroma, breast cyst -- breast cancer.


15.Q: Why do I need hip maintenance?


A: Because it can help the body lymphatic system discharge poison, improve the gynaecological disease, and avoid harm brought by buttock blockage. Hip impassability surely bring about gynaecological issues. What’s inside buttocks is pelvic cavity, bowel. It connects daimai, lumbar vertebra, sciatic nerve from above, uterus ovary, uterine adenexa in front, anus, vagina, inguinal lymphatic from below. If suffering from squeeze of transfer and little meridian channels, hip would be most vulnerable to cold, wet and blood stasis. When hip is affected by cold, it can cause meridian contraction of hips, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, dark menstruation color, clot, deterred blood flow and meridian channels. It also affects fertility.


16.Q: How does negative pressure detoxify?


A: Negative pressure can congest capillary, stimulate cell to increase vitality. The suction and release of pressure during operation can make local pores continue to open and close, therefore promote skin breathing, increase the amount of skin oxygen, speed up the elimination of waste. So it achieves the effects of promoting qi and blood circulation, dispelling coldness and dampness, dredging channels and collaterals, clearing toxins, heat and so on.